hehe, Here is an about me I found from an old paper....I wrote ;) (humblebragging ensues)...

William McNeely, DAV USN
Founder STRONG Gym

William McNeely is a founder and the Director of Awesomeness at STRONG Gym, dedicated to strength athletes and all things awesome.  William is very much involved with powerlifting as a competitor and member of STRONG Gym's Powerlifting Team.  He has totaled Elite in 2 different weight classes and currently holds multiple junior world records in the 165lb and 181lb weight classes RAW division (or something along those lines).

William McNeely's impact and focus also extends beyond strength training and powerlifting.  He strives to live according to God's Will in his life. 
"If you live a life with purpose…not focusing on your moment here on earth but on something even greater then your mind can conjure…if you continually search to get stronger in your passions, you can overcome all weakness and pain and be something great.  For myself, I want to be a great witness for God and show all of his amazing glory.  I want others to look at me and ask why I push myself so hard in all areas of life.  I want others to have no excuse as to why they can not get stronger.  I can always be stronger.  I will be a witness for God.  That is my passion. 
A passion forged on a foundation of strength. It is something that I will always search to get stronger in every aspect, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  A life with passion and purpose has a flavor that the weak will never know."

William is currently attending no University.  Many of his interest and personal studies are directed towards being a disciple for Jesus Christ, studying and gaining knowledge through the Word, and being awesome.  He resides in Springfield, MO.