Monday, July 2, 2012

Heart Rate Variability

Today was the first day this training cycle that my daily change in HRV (Heart Rate Variability) indicated I was in the red.
This means it is highly recommended I take the day off today, which is what I was planning on doing anyway.

The HRV device I use is the BioForce Precision Performance device made by Joel Jamieson.
I'm going to use this device throughout this meet training cycle the next 18 weeks and show my progress.

The great thing about having HRV measurements done is that I'm able to take some guess work out of training and learn more optimal ways to apply recovery and regeneration techniques instead of just assuming all restoration protocals will help all the time.

HRV is a good reflection of how your Autonomic Nervous System is functioning.  The higher the HRV number shows my body is functioning with a parasympathetic dominance whereas a lower HRV number shows my body is functioning with a sympathetic dominance.

So looking back at the picture, my normal resting HRV at the beginning of this training cycle at homeostasis was 87.1.
This morning my HRV was 76.9 (77).
My HRV may actually continue to decline until sometime during my next deload week.
I plan on utilizing a deload week for week 17 (I'm currently in week 18 right now). 

This is also why taking planned deload weeks is so important for recovery!
Deload weeks help give rise to adaptation so that different biological components affected by training will supercompensate and reset their starting points for further training cycles.  Getting stronger!

What I really enjoy about training is seeing how incredibly designed our bodies are and it just leaves me at awe about what an awesome God we have!

Right now I'm just kind of spit ballin' here but next time I write about HRV I will go more in depth to what HRV really is (in the simplest way I know to show understanding) and show my personal reflections.

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