Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Lord of Time

Before we get started, know that its tough
At times you'll get lost and rip it apart
And the wiser you get, the more you know is lost.
Time the great mystery
A perfect situation apart
The world is a stage, a masterful art
And we all play a moment,
The dangerous instant
Oh what a beautiful way with the art!
Death is merely a veil that sets the times all apart
The longer you live and the more you grow to know,
The more the lights and shadows become vivid and loft
Beautiful shadows, the eternity lights
Time heals, time bruises,
She weeps, she muses
Time flows like a river,
And thirst returns were she had
Her depth is unseeming yet her cause is at hand
I percieve this to be much,
May I die daily
Know my redeemer lives and stands in all time
His story is giving, a love is divine
Not a single one of us deserves to be rescued and our stories be shown
May time serve her purpose and cleanse our heart
Repent from our way
Thank God
Thou Art

---  William McNeely

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